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Top Five Attractions in Japan

Kyoto temples and gardens – this is one that really will delight and excite you. The nightingale floors, the old tearooms that date back centuries all of the geisha and cherry blossom trees will make you feel like you are living a fairy tale.

Mayurama koen this place is one that loved by tourists but also locals. You can easily escape the bustle of the city with this park where there are sprawling gardens, ponds, souvenir shops and restaurants. The small pond in the centre is filled with beautiful carp fish and the paths are beautifully shaded by the natural foliage.

All of Tokyo – Tokyo, the city is in itself a beautiful attraction that you simply cannot get enough of. There is so much reinvention going on all around you and it is very cosmopolitan along with a plethora of cafes and bars and parks and brilliant infrastructure.

Oku-no-in – this is perhaps one of the most intensely spiritual places in the land which is surrounded on all sides by a forest that is a Buddhist cemetery. The trees amongst the beautiful and graceful stupas can completely transport you into a different level of mind.

Tsukiji market – there is fruit, vegetables, meat and flowers sold here in so much freshness and variety that you simply will not be able to resist them. There is however more than 2000 tonnes of seafood that is bought and sold almost on a daily basis here. There are also so many restaurants and food stalls in the outer market that will simply make you not want to leave.