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We offer professional services for all your visa requirements

Mackinnons Travels’ foreign visa service helps travelers easily understand what is specifically required of them in order to gain passage into another country. As pledged by Mackinnons Travels, we have proudly promised and delivered professional value added services to our customers. We apply visa on behalf of the traveler by handing over their visa documents to specific Embassies (that Travel Agencies are permitted to submit for visas).


• Visa assistance for all Countries with offshore & onshore Embassies
• Online visa form filling assistance
• Sri Lankan visa extensions
• In house photo facilities
• Translation of documents
• Documents attestation services
• Option for door to door services
• Travel Insurance
• Flight Itinerary

We have also extended our services for providing Visa Assistance for Visa Procedures. All details are thoroughly analyzed in every Visa Application and supporting documents to ensure a smooth process. This service can be utilized by travelers who plan to visit countries in which the Embassy requires the traveler himself to apply for his visa. This service will prevent a traveler to go through the entire visa process alone.

Services Fees
Visa Fees







Checking and Submission of Visa applications (excludes insertion of information by agent) – LKR 1,000
Online visa submission (Europe, USA, Canada) – LKR 5,000
Online visa submission (India, Indonesia, Vietnam) – LKR 1,500
Completion of manual visa applications – LKR 1,500
Visa applications to be couriered to India (exclude courier and visa application charges) – LKR 7,500
Renewal of resident visa LKR 1,500
Extension of business/tourist visa – LKR 1,500
ETA application – LKR 1,500
Immigration Services LKR 1,000 (excludes statutory charges by local authority)



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Krishanthan 0764 303 157
Mayumi 0766 824 434



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