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Top Five Attractions in Jakarta

Museum Nasional – the National Museum is one of the best in Indonesia and is a definite must see. The massive collective starts in an open courtyard in the building that dates back to 1862 and is filled with statues that are over a millennia old. One of these is the Bhairawa king from Rambahan in Sumatra and the statue depicts him trampling human skulls. There are many different segments in the museum each of which is as fascinating as the next.

Merdeka Square – the centre of Jakarta is the Merdeka Square that measures about 1 square kilometre in dimensions. The Dutch called it the Koningsplein or the Kings Square and it has become a key point of the city.

Galeri Nasional – with over 1700 works of art done by local and international artists, the National Gallery Collection is an extensive one which opened in 1999. Only a few pieces will be on public display at any given point but there are special exhibitions held that showcase many curated pieces.

Jin De Yuan – this is a rather large Buddhist temple compound and dates back to 1755. It is also one that is the most important in the city. The main structure boasts a rather unusual roof that has been formed by two dragons that seem to be eating pearls while the interior of the building is intense with fragrant incense smoke and statues while bells and drums beat in rhythm to chants.

Taman Fatahillah – this is the central cobblestone square of the Kota and is surrounded on all sides by impressive colonial buildings. You can get a cycle hire from here and go on a tour to explore the city, you could enjoy a delicious meal or simply walk around the streets and explore.