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Top five Attractions in Australia

With a country as big as this, and such a diverse landscape and amalgamation of cosmopolitan lifestyles, it is indeed hard to narrow down just a handful of attractions. Still, here is a collection of experiences that you must try not to miss.

Bondi Beach – you cannot have not heard about this place. It is one of the best beaches in the world and is also the closest ocean beach to the city centre and the Pacific waves that come in swells to the land are simply spectacular. There are also child-friendly saltwater baths at the ends of the beach.

Royal Botanic Gardens – the gardens spread across 94 acres and is a huge green filled land that dwells within the limits of Melbourne. It is considered one of the best examples of Victorian era inspired landscaping in the world and attracts about 1.5 million visitors each year.

Kunanyi/Mt Wellington – the mountain towers a massive 1271 metres over the Hobart region and it seems that the citizens in the area find some kind of solace in its fatherly presence. It is also ideal grounds for hikes and treks and some even go there to enjoy some challenging cycling. But what really takes the cake is that magnificent view from the very top.

Kakadu national park – the ecosystems and the rock art that thrives in this national park makes it a solar system of its own, so to speak. The park gets flooded or scorched depending upon the weather and it is one big salutation to the Aboriginal custodians of the land.

Battery point – this picturesque village known as Battery Point has a mosaic of tightly woven villages and street ways that just make it enchanting and timeless. It is one of those sleepy places that one must simply experience to feel how beautiful simple life can be.