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Top attractions in Paris

The Eiffel Tower – Without a doubt, this is probably the very first attraction that you must visit in Paris. The climb is simply amazing and the view from of the top of the sweeping city beneath is stunning. The climb can be done in two stages and while there are restaurants on both the first and second landings, the topmost one is a viewing deck that will take your breath away. The queues can be very much longer during the usual summer seasons and many people prefer to go in the morning.

Notre Dame Cathedral – this infamous cathedral is located in Ile de la Cite which is an island in the River Seine. The best time to visit this is during Saturdays at any time of the day. The cathedral is one of the best examples of the French Gothic mix of architecture that was much impacted by the French Revolution in the 18th century.

The Louvre – Housing the world famous pyramids and the Mona Lisa that was the source of inspiration for Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code, this museum is a house unto itself with a plethora of valuable and ancient paintings and artefacts that represent many of the milestones through history. The best day of the week to visit the Museum would be Friday and there would be an admission fee into the museum.

Champs de Elysees and Arc de Triomphe – this ever famous road is probably the only one of its kind in the world and is picture perfect with trees lining from the Arc towards the Louvre. The Arc is a magnificent monument paid to war heroes as was ordered by Napoleon Bonaparte in 1806 in tribute to some of history most brave victories.