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Top five tourist attractions in Kuala Lumpur

Many tourists opt to stay and enjoy the many treasures that Kuala Lumpur has to offer because the diversity is just stunning. Here are some top hotspots that you must not miss.

The Petronas Towers – This is without a doubt the most infamous attraction always linked with Kuala Lumpur. The Petronas Towers were once considered the tallest in the world at 452m. You can either join the queue to buy a ticket to the skybridge, or just skip over to the adjoining KLCC Park.

KLCC – This park will give you a great view of the towers along with a chance to explore the Suria KLCC shopping mall, the Petrosains Museum, Aquaria the oceanarium and the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra. Anytime of anyday is just about perfect to go here but beware that the crowds can be equally regular too.

KL Lake Gardens – Positioned in the heart of the city, the abundant greenery of the park is relaxing. It also has many great components such as the butterfly park, orchid and hibiscus gardens and many museums around. Try going in the morning so that you have the full afternoon to explore this beautiful attraction.

Petaling Street and Central Market – Take a walk through Chinatown an experience authentic meals, traditional shops that sell merchandise for a great price and catch a glimpse of the day to day life of locals. You are likely going to need more than one day to explore everything that is here. No matter what the season is, the market sure to be alive and bustling.

Batu Caves – If you are in the mood for adventure climb the massive stairways to the stunning Batu Caves located towards the northern borders of this gorgeous city. Try arriving here early in the morning because it will take you a good two hours or more to explore everything at the least. Also, because there is a festival in January or February depending upon the date annually, going immediately afterwards means that the area could be littered.