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Top five attractions to see in Dhaka

The National Museum – consisting of several floors, this begins with a geographical depiction of Bangladesh and takes you through the immense bio-diversity of the nation. Then it introduces you to Hinduism and Buddhism and takes you up to times of the War of Liberation and the current state. This is open all year but will require admission.

The Lalbagh Fort – the unfinished Lalbagh Fort and the beautifully manicured gardens are the perfect excuse for you and your family to enjoy a day of peace and serenity in the midst of Dhaka’s hectic daily lifestyle. Look at what times of the day this is open and you can visit it during any day of the year.

Ahzan Manzil – originating in 1872, this beautiful pink coloured palace was first built on the land of a French factory that was run by Nawab Abdul Ghani. After it was damaged by a tornado about 16 years after it was initially built, the palace went through renovation that caused it to come out with a finish even grander to the former. There is no special season for you to visit this attraction but be prepared to know the opening and closing hours and the ticket prices may vary.

Botanical gardens – the gardens extend to more than 40 hectares of land and is home to over 1000 species of plant life that are both indigenous and foreign. There are significant bird watching possibilities here thanks to the many lakes and ponds that make a habitat for birds during winter. The gardens are open for the better part of the year, even during winters.

Bara Katra – this is a beautiful yet dilapidates Mughal era building that is one of the oldest attractions in the city. Even if this is the case finding this now among the hundreds of constructions that have come up in the alleyways of Dhaka can be a bit of a challenge.