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Top five attractions to see in Bangkok

Temple of the Reclining Buddha – Rising more than 150 feet in height the Famous Temple of the Reclining Buddha is a must see for anybody who is interested by the fascinating history of this diverse land. It is open every day from eight in the morning to six thirty in the evening. Make sure you adhere to the clothing requirements before you go here.

The BTS Skytrain – This would also definitely qualify as one of the main modes of transport that provides, easy, fast and reliable transport, but even if that was not needed, you still must try a ride inside this iconic mode of transport that the city is known for.

The Lumpini Park – Named after the birthplace of the Buddha, the Lumpini Park is one that makes you wonder if you are actually still in the middle of Bangkok. The park is quite and soothing with miles of neat lawns and an artificial lake that keeps the heat away. The perfect time to go here would be at around seven in the morning as the fresh breeze flows in.

Floating Markets – There are four main floating markets around Bangkok all selling a wide range of authentic ware and all kinds of goodies ranging from food to clothing to souvenirs. The best time to get to any one of these would definitely before eight in the morning to make sure that you are at your location before the traffic gets bad in the city.

The Chao Phraya Cruise – The Chao Phraya Cruise is available almost all year around. But it is best to contact your hotel or travel guide to ensure that the cruise can be done at the time of your visit. For anybody coming to Bangkok this is a must see as there is really so much to learn from.