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Top Five Attractions in Vietnam

Hang Son Doong – this is also known as the Mountain River Cave and has a reputation for being the biggest cave in the world. It is also one of the most stunning vistas to be in existence in the entire region of Southeast Asia. There is very restricted access in some areas but the entire experience is completely out of this world.

Halong Bay – the many towering pillars made of limestone and the beautiful isles that are covered by a thick forest canopy come straight out of the waters of the Gulf of Tonkin like an alternate reality. This area has been deemed a World Heritage Site in 1994 and is a beautiful scattering of islands that also are home to grottos, most of which are wind-eroded. The cruise here is one that every visitor must experience.

Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park – again a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2003, this national park has the oldest karst mountains in Asia which were formed roughly 400 million years ago. They are dotted with a network of caves and some of them even have underground rivers in them.

Hang Nga Crazy House – this place is one of a kind ride through architectural surrealism. It has been designed, one would say, in the most joyous fashion and is artistic to the level of extraordinary. It’s hard to explain what with the many oddities that perfectly somehow fit in together. You have to see this one for yourself.

The Japanese covered bridge – very characteristic of Hoi An, this dainty little bridge is unique in many ways. The bridge, however, is undergoing repairs every now and then again for restoration and preservation purposes so make sure that is, in fact, open before you go here.