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Top five Attractions in Mumbai

The Taj Mahal Palace – No, this is not the actual Taj Mahal but rather the incredible hotel in Mumbai that ushers in vibes of Islamic and Renaissance architecture. Built in 1993 by the Parsi industrialist J N Tata, the interesting story of how it was built piques the curiosity of many. What is that story? Well, you may have to visit to find out!

Iskon Temple – the infamous Hare Krishna saga of India is one that has touched many hearts and transformed many souls. The Iskon Temple in Juhu plays a key role in this legendary religious tale when each night the hundreds of lamps lit to the Lord Krishna bring the temple alive while the chants whisper in the background.

Elephanta Island – the rock-carved temples in Gharapuri, known popularly as the Elephanta Island lies towards the north eastern side of the Gateway of India and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The beautiful and intricate carving as meticulous to a point where they appear almost surreal.

Sanjay Gandhi National park – the metropolis of Mumbai is a noisy and bustling one that never seems to sleep. However, if you dare to venture 1.5 hours away from the hub of activity you will be pleasantly surprised to come into a protected tropical forest that spreads over 104 square kilometres.

Khotachiwadi – this is a beautiful and unique hamlet that is about 180 years old. The mansions here are two storied and incorporates the Portuguese style. It is a beautiful and tranquil place to be.