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Top Five Attractions in Milan

The Last Supper – perhaps the most infamous mural out of the massive amount of art that is in Milan, is the Last Supper by Leonardo Da Vinci. It is tucked away in a refectory that adjoins the Basilica di Santa Maria delle Grazie and shows Jesus Christ and his disciples at their last meal together where Jesus reveals that he will be betrayed by one of his own. You however, will need to book a tour to see this piece of iconic art in advance.

Duomo – built entirely of white Candoglia marble, this exuberant Gothic cathedral is one that took 600 years to build. It is said to be the true reflection of the ambition and the creativity that abound within the city walls. With 135 spires and 3400 statue like risings, the amount of detail that has gone into developing this masterpiece is one that is staggering. The large stained-glass windows and the crypt are other highlights here.

Cimitero monumentale  – the weathy and the influential of Milan have kept their ambitions alive way after 1866. The black and white Renaissance style walls encase some of the most incredible death-and-the-maiden erotic art that comes intermingled with waves of abstract genius. This attraction is as stark and austere as it is poignant and moving. A definite must see.

Pinacoteca di bera – this is located upstairs on one of Italy’s best and most esteemed art schools and has a rather extensive and impressive collection of Old Masters which has been taken to a great extent from Napoleon in Venice.

Museo Poldi Pezzoli – Gian Giacomo Poldi Pezzoli inherited a vast fortune at 24 along with his mother’s penchant for art. Throughout his travels to Europe, he was often caught up with the idea of transforming the rooms of his apartments into themed settings each for the great art periods, and that, is exactly what he did.