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Top five attractions in Male

The Republic Square – with many landmarks events of the island happening here, this is one place that is of utmost importance to all Maldivians and is open all of the days in an year. Easily recognizable as being positioned off the northern coast with a massive flagpole, you might be able to join in with the festivities that happen here very usually.

The Sultan park and National museum – This is now an abode of history and ponds filled with white lilies which makes for an ideal venue for a family outing. The one regal palace was razed to the ground with just one three storey building remaining. It is among one of the most beautiful attractions in Male and is open from nine in the morning till five in the evening every day.

The Fish Market – Male is known for its fresh catch of the day and this market combines the treasure of the freshest seafood off the hooks with vibrant culture and lifestyle. There can be haggling and the place can become a bit noisy and crowded at times but it Is open every day from 12 noon to midnight and is a must visit if you want to get an idea of the local lifestyle here.

The Male Market – This market can be recognized easily by the hanging clusters of well ripened yellow coloured bananas and is located on the northern side of the city. The amount of fresh local produce like fruit and vegetables, attract expats as well as locals here by the hundreds daily.

Beaches, water sports and everything else to with the sea – If you are in Male and have not gone island hopping with some snorkeling, whale watching and diving here you have missed out on just about the best part that male has to offer. Known for its colourful coral gardens underwater and the abundance of aquatic life, this is probably one of the best things you can do here.