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Top five attractions in Los Angeles

The Venice Beach – this has been given the nickname “kooky epicenter of California. The spirit of this beach is rather eccentric which is why there are so many visitors here. The boardwalk is a beautiful area where you can enjoy skateboarding and just watch the hustle and bustle of the city life. This boho chic neighborhood is great to visit anytime, any day.

Hollywood – Go take a walk along the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Hollywood has all of its charms in this city and you will not be disappointed if you wish to see a celebrity or few strolling with their lattes and iced teas. You can visit this attraction at any time.

The Getty Centre – this museum is known and envied around the world because of the endowments that it lands all the time. The hilltop campus is not far behind either. The works preserved within these walls encompass a large amount of history and is truly priceless. You will need to get admission to the premises so make sure to double check with the security office or with you tour guides before you make plans.

Rodeo Drive – be it window shopping or actually shopping here, this place does deserve a visit. With the array of high-end designer wear to choose from that come in at jaw-dropping prices, this shopping experience is one that is certainly for the stars.

Disneyland – say Hi again to Mickey and Minnie and relive your childhood while your kids play around in Disneyland. You are never too old for this fun-filled experience and all you need to do is go there between the operating hours which can be found online or at the premises.