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Top five attractions in China

The Forbidden City – located beautifully in the heart of Beijing, is a structure that is surrounded by 3.5 kilometres of scarlet coloured citadel walls. The site is listed under the UNESCO Heritage Sites and is called the Forbidden City. This is by far, the best preserved of China’s largest ancient buildings. The complex is the biggest of its kind in the world and is said to have served as base for two complete dynasties in China.

Mogao Grottoes – these grottoes are thought of as one of the most important Buddhist art collections that is existing in today’s time. During its peak era with the contemporary reign of the Tang Dynasty, the complex housed 18 monasteries and was home to over 1400 monks and nuns a swell as many artists, calligraphers and translators. Guided tours from your preference of language can be arranged here during certain hours of the day.

Temple of Heaven Park – the 267 hectare sprawling Temple of Heaven Is a beautiful and peaceful abode amongst all of the urban developments in China. Legend says that the temple was used for the performing of sacred rituals such as the ones done for good harvests.

Yungang Caves – this is perhaps one of China’s best yet examples of preserved Buddhist cave art. There are over 51,000 ancient statues and beautiful carvings. History says that is took 60 years since its commencement in AD 460, for all of the 252 caves to be completed.

Army of Terracotta Warriors – this army of terracotta warriors is one of the most famous archeological sites in the world. For over two millennia these warriors have stood in unspoken silence over the soul of the first unifier of the Chinese Empire.