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Top attractions in Munich

The Linderhof Palace – This is one of the top rated tourist attractions in the city and is a palace that served as a royal residence in the 19th century. The opulent settings of the palace and the surrounding gardens can be visited at any time of the year although during the months of summer it is bound to be crowded.

The Nymphenburg palace – An 18th century palace and coach, the architecture of this attraction is probably its main advantage. The beautiful and intrinsic workings as well as the well manicured premises draw stunned tourist in the hundreds to it each year. The best time to visit this would be during the months of summer albeit the crowds.

The Englischer Garten – The Englischer Garten is a huge public park in the centre of Munich, Bavaria, stretching from the city centre to the northeastern city limits and is seen as an urban garden that serves beer. The best time to visit this garden is pretty much anytime you feel the need to enjoy some chilled beer in the shade amid a bustle of colour and life.

The Oktoberfest – This world famous event is usually held in the months of September and in October and is a massive gala with hundreds of beers being sold out accompanied by loud and energetic music. If you happen to be travelling to the area during this time, you could enjoy some chilled beer alongside some great music.