Japan; the land of timeless vistas

Japan is a land that is filled with indomitable vistas and bubbling springs or slumbering volcanoes at every end and turn. The months of summer offer the best possible hikes and the winter brings home great skiing possibilities. It is pretty much and adventure land all year around. The beaches towards the south of the land offer excellent opportunities for diving, swimming or snorkeling as well. Japan is also a very modern land that really holds on to its traditional roots and delights in their customary ways. The people here are courteous and polite and very respectful of each other.

What is the best time to visit Japan?

Late spring which is from March to May, and late autumn which is from September to November, are generally the best times to visit Japan, when there is very little rainfall and the skies are clear along with temperatures. The cherry blossoms during this time is really breathtaking.

Spend the night in a ryokan (traditional Japanese inn), sleeping on futons and tatami mats, and padding through well-worn wooden halls to the bathhouse (or go one step further and sleep in an old farmhouse). Chant with monks or learn how to whisk bitter matcha (powdered green tea) into a froth. From the splendour of a Kyoto geisha dance to the spare beauty of a Zen rock garden, Japan has the power to enthral even the most jaded traveller.

Top five attractions in Japan

On the surface, Japan appears exceedingly modern, but travelling around it offers numerous opportunities to connect with the country's traditional culture.

  • Kyoto temples and gardens
  • Mayurama koen
  • All of Tokyo
  • Oku-no-in
  • Tsukiji market
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Good to know

Modes of transport in Japan
You can choose from trains, night trains, buses, taxis and much more in the country no matter where you are based.
Airports in Japan
There are a vast amount of airports in Japan and where you will land will depend greatly on the airline you fly and your country of departure. Whichever one you use, you will have no problem of travelling with the level of infrastructure in this country.