Jakarta; the city of a thousand flavours

Jakarta is a city that is filled with surprises that begin at the beautifully aromatic streets of Chinatown and continue as you explore more and more. Merdeka Square pays tribute to the modern Indonesia that is developing every second. The stark contrast of having mega development projects right beside humble homesteads is one of the marvels of this singular city. The many cafes, restaurants, bars and clubs all are evidence of the vast evolving culture of the city. But what stands out the most here are the flavours; layers upon layers of them all done beautifully. Each better than the last. The city may not have the best views but it certainly has the spirit and the bravado.

What is the best time to visit Jakarta?

November, March and April can be rainy but it is more of a random thing than a frequent one. The dry season in Jakarta is never totally dry. During August or July, there may be a few storms once in a while. May to October would be the best time to visit Jakarta as it has the lowest amount of rainfall.

Top Five Attractions in Jakarta

Herer are the top attractions in Jakarta.

  • Museum Nasional
  • Merdeka Square
  • Galeri Nasional
  • Jin De Yuan
  • Taman Fatahillah
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Good to know

Modes of transport in Jakarta
You can get a map to hand and try out the buses and the trains of Jakarta or just call in one of the many cab companies. Alternatively there are also plenty of vehicles for hire such as motorbikes where you can self-drive.
Airports in Jakarta
Soekarno–Hatta International Airport, also known as SHIA or Soetta, is the main airport aiding the Greater Jakarta zone on the island of Java in Indonesia.